Benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping

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Benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll

The success of any company and its competitiveness in its market segment depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of solving a variety of problems. Typically, the focus is on optimizing key business processes that are core to the company and directly aimed at generating profit.

However, there are still several functions related to supporting and servicing the core business. The payroll of company employees is one such task. Our specialists offer bookkeeping services and payroll services in Watford, and we have put together the best benefits that outsourcing your payroll brings to your business.

Without bringing direct profit, payroll still consumes the organizational, labor, and financial resources of the enterprise. Optimization of this work and minimizing the costs associated with it is one of the ways to increase the profitability of the company as a whole.


To solve this and other similar problems, outsourcing is widely practiced transferring non-core functions to third-party performers. When using outsourcing, all the calculations work is assigned to a company that specializes in this field. It is the narrow specialization (and therefore competence) of the company providing bookkeeping and payroll services that are the main argument in favor of outsourcing.

According to the American Management Association, as early as 1997, the share of enterprises using the services of outsourcers to perform financial and accounting calculations was 20%; in administration, this share reached 80%. Since then, this service sector has been continuously developing, including UK businesses.


The wide distribution of outsourcing in the world is due to a number of its advantages over traditional forms of independent non-core work.


The cost of the services of an outsourcer in many cases is lower than the cost of their organization of settlements. When assessing costs, one should take into account not only the salaries of accountants but also the costs of their training, maintenance of office space, legal and Corporation Tax advice, the acquisition and maintenance of appropriate hardware and software, etc.

It is worth considering that all financial responsibility related to the timeliness and quality of bookkeeping and payroll calculation rests with the company that has taken over this work. The greatest economic effect is achieved by small enterprises, for which the maintenance of a full accounting staff is too expensive, and the cheap accounting services of a low-skilled accountant are unacceptable.


A specialized company can afford and is obliged to maintain a staff of highly professional employees who work in the interests of the client company. The quality of work performed in this case will be at least no lower than the quality of work of the client’s specialists.


Freed from such complex and time-consuming work as bookkeeping and payroll are, specialist company accountants will be able to switch to solving the priority issues of running and developing a business.


Our company providing bookkeeping and payroll services in Watford ensures the continuity of their implementation through the selection and interchangeability of its employees. Roughly speaking, an outsourcing company will not require leave or time off, will not go on sick leave or maternity leave, and will not quit at the most inopportune moment.

Our bookkeeping and payroll services in Watford ensure a highly professional workflow for all your accounting and bookkeeping and payroll needs.

Do you know what is the importance of outsourcing accounting services?


As already mentioned, the outsourcer company takes care of the safety and security of the information entrusted to it. It carefully controls access to it. Proper provision and guarantees of information security are one of the conditions for the existence of an outsourcing market; therefore, these issues are of paramount importance.

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