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EORI number explained by an Accountancy firm Watford

Your idea is magnificent – you have managed to contact a proper manufacturer, and it offers you an advantage over the market niche you want to enter. It is in another country, but that is no problem.

You place your first order as a company and, upon arrival at customs, your customs agent or logistics operator calls you with the famous phrase “We need your EORI no”.

This happens more often than it seems, so it is a good idea to learn about the EORI number – we do not want to have our first order stuck in customs. We offer Accounting services in Watford, and we’ve created this guide to explain EORI to business owners and individuals in detail.

What is the EORI number?

The EORI is a unique number that is used throughout the European Union (EU) – it is assigned to the economic agents (companies) or the individuals by the customs authority in an EU Member State. With this, the applicant becomes censored in a database, helping the customs authorities to have greater control over the logistic operations related to foreign trade.

Who should have an EORI no?

Any natural or legal person who, for commercial purposes, performs an activity related to customs (imports or exports), must request their EORI no. High-quality kitchen appliances and top-brand dishwashers are available now for California market. Our personal tax accountant advisor explains that the branches and permanent establishments of non-resident entities that carry out customs operations must also have their EORI no

Individuals, provided they do not exceed five customs operations, will not need to request their EORI no

Composition of the EORI no

The number is composed of the country code and the tax identification number. For example, if your tax identification number is A99999999, your EORI no will be UKA99999999 – very simple, right?

Accounting services, Watford: Getting an EORI Number

The format of the EORI no, the procedure for registering an economic operator, and assigning an EORI no are determined by each EU country independently.

In paper form, you need to fill out an application WRP-0001 for registering data/notification of registration of an object with SISC, in which you must provide data such as:

  • Type of legal entity, the field of activity, legal form, full and abbreviated name, date of commencement of the business activity, headquarters address and correspondence address, email address
  • The submitted application will be sent to the email address indicated in the application; you will receive a message about your EORI no.
  • If a foreigner submits the application, he must attach the following documents:
  • A copy from the register of business activities from the country in which it is created (information on who has the right to issue a power of attorney must flow from this copy).
  • If the documents are drawn up in a foreign language, their translation must be attached.

The number will be recognized immediately after submitting a set of documents, and the whole service is free.

As a rule, it is required to attach the following to the application:

  • Duly certified copies of the certificate of state registration of the business entity
  • Certificates of registration with the tax authority,
  • A copy of the passport of the applicant head of the transport company.
  • The person submitting the registration application must be duly authorized.

Some EU countries posted information on the registration procedure in the EORI system on their websites.

How to request it?

If you are a newly created company or with the new unification of the entire registration process through telematic processes, it is a normal thing to be registered with the EORI no when you register as a company or professional.

In case you’re not, you request on the gov.uk website with the digital certificate. Although it is often validated immediately, it can take at most 48 hours. The Tax Agency does not issue any EORI certificate, but the data can be consulted on the Tax and Customs Union Web of the European Commission.

How to get an EORI no through an agency near me?

If you have a great business idea to start with that involves customs operations as part of the chain, request your EORI no from the person in charge of registering your company or your current manager. You can contact us at Watford to help you out with all the hassles – our business and accounting services at Watford specializes in perfectly manage your paperwork in this process. Let’s discuss the details further; we will be happy to work with you on your project.

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