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SEO Strategy For B2B Companies

Do you know, 90% of B2B companies consider that an SEO positioning strategy is effective to get new business customers. Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing strategy whose goal is to get our online content (articles, posts, web copy, etc.) to appear on the first page of google results for our keywords.

SEO-Strategy is a science in itself and there are great Search Engine Optimization specialists – if you have the option of hiring any, it will be a very good investment. With our guide you can make your content rank as high as possible in the Google searches for your keywords.


The SEO strategy for B2B companies, in general, is much simpler than for B2C companies since:

  • The number of keywords to the position is much smaller
  • The competition is also less, so it is not difficult to position your content on the first pages of the Google search engine.
  • Therefore, S.E.O is a winning bet for any B2B company.


There are more than 200 factors that influence SEO Strategy positioning, but the main ones are:

Internal factors: The content of our website, the loading speed, the lack of penalties.

External factors: the number of quality links that lead to our website, user behavior, and social signals.


The first step in starting an SEO strategy is to be clear about the keywords for which we want to position ourselves. For this, we will have to do a study of keywords.


Screaming frog: It will let you know what are the words most used by your competition and their incoming links. Discover the most used keywords.

Answer the public: Create a mind map with the questions and derivatives that people do most in your country of choice.

Although Search Engine Optimization Strategy is tremendously important, never forget that the main recipient of your message is a human being and not Google – when faced with the dilemma of choosing between the text full of keywords or attractive and understandable content, always opt for the second option.


Once we have our keywords clear, the next step to start implementing a strategy on our website is to know where we are. For them, we will perform an SEO audit. Many accounting firms near me and digital marketing firms in Watford can conduct a comprehensive audit for you.


For this, we will put in the google search “site:”.You can simply enter the address, and if the page is indexed it will appear in the first position or use the “site:” command.

If you are not new to the SEO Strategy world, it is very likely that you already have your Search Console account and have registered your site. If not, you should do it as soon as possible.

Among many other tools that will help you improve your website at all levels, Search Console has an “Explore as Google” call.

This tool is designed to simulate how Google crawls and “sees” the content of a URL, to help you detect possible indexing problems.

But you are going to give it an extra utility: “tell” Google to find and index your page immediately, instead of waiting for it to find it “by itself”.

SEO titles and meta descriptions: See what keywords appear on our pages and see if there is cannibalization, i.e. if we constantly repeat the same keywords on all our pages (a very common thing).


See if our content has the keyword in:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Subtitle
  • Meta-description
  • Images
  • First paragraph
  • Keyword density approximately 0.5% 1% of the total text
  • Italics

Again, the SEO Strategy by Yoast plugin can help us a lot to see at a glance if our content is optimized for keywords.


Having a low loading speed (less than 4 seconds) is very important both to avoid bouncing by readers and to index Google. To know our loading speed, we can use the Gtmetrix tool. One of the most common reasons for your website to take a long time to load is the weight of the images if this is your case you can use some plugin to optimize images in WordPress, such as smush it.


In 2010, Google began to penalize duplicate or poor-quality content with an update in the algorithm called panda. To find out if you have any duplicate content that is penalizing you, you can find out at:

Duplicate external content:

Internal duplicate content:

If duplicate content exceeds 20% you may be penalized by Google.


The other big change that Google made in its algorithm was the penguin that penalized incoming junk links. To know if we have incoming links from spam pages or link farms, we can use the Ranksignaltoolwhere all our incoming links will appear – we can see if we have any spam links and try to remove it. Heating repair services in New Jersey are easy to find at allied experts. First, we can ask the page to remove it – if they don’t you can simply ask for a Google disavow through the Google Search Console tool.


Google does not like broken links on your website, therefore it is better to know if you have them and correct them. You can use the broken link checker tool. Once we have performed our audit, it is time to solve the problems we have detected to optimize our website.

Would you like our team to make your content geared for SEO Strategy? Apart from offering Watford accountants and Accounting services in Watford, our company also offers SEO optimization for businesses to enhance their digital presence. Simply provide the associated SEO-optimized keywords for your content so that our team includes them in the writing process. If you do not have the keywords, our team will research for you and include the SEO-optimized keyword according to the density index of Google.

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