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All small business owners and marketers need to register information on Google on the location of their organization, as well as on the list of services provided. This will add impressions to them on the Website strategy search results pages and attract the appropriate audience to the project.

Unfortunately, the topic of local search engine optimization Website strategy has always been complicated and confusing. Why? First of all, it is difficult for business owners to decide where to start. Here it is worth asking a professional business and accounting consultant (Who provides accounting services) about what are the most popular and mandatory SEO Website strategy in this area.

Local search should not be complicated – you just need to work out the right Website strategy for Small Businesses. The following are the basic steps to help you do this:

1. Create Website strategy local pages for your business

First of all, make sure that your company has a local business Website strategy page in all major search engines. This link allows you to get started with Google. Fill in all the necessary information about your company by writing in your profile the place, phone number, business hours, etc.

2. Optimize your page for promotion and give it the right category

First, upload as many high-quality photos as possible to your account, indicate in detail the hours of your organization’s work, and indicate the list of services provided for search engine optimization of the local page.

Secondly, classify your business as one of the most important steps when registering with search engines. Some of them offer you to choose from 2-5 categories to help customers understand what you are. Pages with the wrong categories will not be displayed among search results.

3. Check the accuracy of data about your business in directories

Make sure that you fill out all the information about your business, especially the data on its name, address, and phone number in the directories of all search engines. Someone may have already brought your organization there – do not panic! You will need to confirm quoting your company in directories.

How to do it:

– Make sure that the directory has an organization with the same name and location as yours.

– Use a tool like Yext to find out which directories your company is already listed in.

– Use Google MapMaker to find out if there is duplicate data about your phone number and your organization.

– Search your business in search engines under different names. If you have already entered information about your organization in various directories, then any other data on the Web may be incorrect!

Next, you will need to confirm by e-mail, phone, or regular mail that you are the owner of this business. Again, Yext and Localeze can speed up this process because they give you the ability to create unified information about your organization and place it on different systems.

4. Place a button about online reviews on your site

According to a study, the main factor for ranking on Google is customer feedback about the business. But not so much all this is needed for search engines, as for users themselves who see your organization on search results pages, because this is a simple and quick way to get an idea about it.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to increase the number of reviews for your business. If you want this to happen naturally (and you didn’t have to ask someone to write them or post fake ones), you can put a special button “Leave feedback” on your Website strategy, thus encouraging your customers to tell about their impressions about work with you.

5. Download quality photos of your organization

When people are looking for some kind of organization, they want to see its photos. Most systems with local company accounts, including Google+ Local, allow you to upload at least 10 snapshots, and your goal is to upload as many of them as possible. You should take a picture of your building inside and out, shoot all your products. This is very easy to do – just go to your business page in a search engine or directory and click on the Add Photos link.

Your logo, of course, will also help you, but in accounts of this type, it is better to have an actual picture of your building or premises as a title photo.

6. Optimize Your Website strategy

When promoting a site, do not forget that just registering in directories and creating business pages will not help you occupy the highest positions on search query pages. Make sure that the resource dedicated to your organization has full contact information and, preferably, a phone number by which you can be contacted. The list of keywords should include your city, as well as compile content relevant to your region. Try to establish contact with local organizations and cooperate with them – the more people you let know about yourself and your business, the greater the chance that they will go to your site and even leave a link to it on your pages!

At Fair View Accountants, we strongly recommend that you study the work of the Yelp service, especially if you are engaged in the restaurant business. Although this site is not one of the main search engines, it is very convenient for registering pages for local businesses and distributing them.

Try the above steps and after a while, you will notice an increase in clicks, visitors to your page, and new customers. Using all of these strategies will promote your site effectively. If you need help with this process, you can outsource all this to a professional business and accounting consultant by searching accounting firms near me to make all this work easier and cost-effective for you.

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