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building maintenance definition

If the skills required to support installed systems and equipment are scarce, either training must be provided or less sophisticated equipment systems utilized to provide an economical working arrangement. To support efficient Operation and Maintenance (O&M), it is important that facility O&M documentation be required by the owner and be accurate, and be available in a timely fashion. System-level and manufacturer manuals of as-installed systems and equipment, including as-built drawings, should be available for review by the owner over the course of the Construction Phase.

building maintenance definition

Similar to the CPM program, the Residential Management Professional credential requires trainees to have a real estate license, two years’ minimum experience in the property maintenance field, and have experience managing 100 units during their candidacy period. Extended by the National Association of Residential Property Managers , this organization focuses on certifying property managers in ethics and professional standards of conduct. Perhaps the most popular type of buildings for routine property maintenance, residential communities require a lot of upkeep to ensure safe and satisfied tenants. From elevator functionality to energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality, property maintenance is extremely important for secure and comfortable living. Choosing an outsourced provider of engineering or building maintenance services requires diligence. The preventive maintenance schedule contains details of when equipment need filter changes, testing, or other maintenance service or inspection.

For federal agencies Full Life Cycle Costing is a requirement of the 2004 Executive Order 13327—Federal Real Property Asset Management. The second way that can be adopted to ensure the efficiency in building maintenance practices is by controlling the quality of construction or workmanship. It is very important to make an assurance of the quality during the construction stage to avoid failures such as cracks, spalling and leakage. Assurance of construction quality could be determined by the consistency of materials in the design stage and construction stage. In addition, the election of good contractors, consultants and efficient workers who have well experience are also essential to assure the quality of the building construction. Quality assurance in the construction stage may help in reducing the failures in the future and hence, the maintenance of buildings will be efficiently done .

Maintenance Technician

CWU of any building, construction, renovation, remodeling, or demolition, other than maintenance or repairs, will not exceed $90,000, or if the work involves one trade or craft area, $45,000. Non-common area painting and carpeting and painting beyond the planned maintenance cycle. Maintenance of building life-safety and security alarm systems, and systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and lighting.

A building maintenance worker must possess a variety of skills encompassing most of the construction trades. Maintenance workers might paint the lobby one day, fix a broken garbage disposal the next morning and replace a faucet later in the day. In a manufacturing plant, he might replace a worn belt on a piece of machinery or install a new outlet in the accountant’s office. Building maintenance workers handle repairs that require basic skills as an electrician, carpenter, plumber, mechanic, painter, HVAC technician and roofer. However, building maintenance workers must always remain aware of their limitations and request the services of a licensed professional when the worker’s lack of expertise or local ordinances require it. The present paper examines the connection between building and property management and building management system. Building management is a particular economic activity, a set of property maintenance, operation, repair and maintenance.

building maintenance definition

We will look at several commercial asset types, which have unique systems and requirements. Effective building maintenance is based on creating a plan, initial and ongoing training, and leveraging new technologies. In vertical commercial facilities or properties, maintenance is also required on domestic water pumps. Electrical maintenance tasks may vary from relatively minor repairs to those that can be more involved and require an electrician.


Examples of facility components would be a thermostat which is a component of an HVAC control system, or flashing which is a component of a roofing system. Institute systems for reporting historical data and operating statistics and maintain trend lines and indices of operating effectiveness. Establish data collection systems that create supervisory and management control reports with uniform reporting formats and achieve continual feedback of information among departments through communications and manuals. Establish a deferred maintenance list by using the policy and procedures of the Facility Audit and Inspection Program (see 2.1). The department works together with campus departments and colleges to assure that the best environment for teaching and research is provided for. Click on the Division of Responsibility related link in this section to learn more about how other campus units and this department work together in partnership.

  • To find the answer, you should first familiarize yourself with the insides and outs of property maintenance.
  • While it is good to keep a building maintenance checklist, this type of record usually does not include enough details.
  • Extended by the National Association of Residential Property Managers , this organization focuses on certifying property managers in ethics and professional standards of conduct.
  • Hotels, like residential communities, need to implement property maintenance to ensure the facility is compliant with health and safety standards, and that it adheres to a certain level of quality for guests.
  • Institute systems for reporting historical data and operating statistics and maintain trend lines and indices of operating effectiveness.

Depending on employer, building maintenance workers might perform a number of miscellaneous duties. In some settings, they might install cables for computers, deice the walkway or assemble recording transactions new equipment. They might hang new drapes, order supplies and parts or install bulletin boards. Some employers include exterior maintenance items such as gates, parking lots and fences.

Going With Professional Property Maintenance Services

Employe—A person who is paid for his work or services by a vendor, including persons on the payroll or independent contractors. Examples of the property include sales invoices, receipts, contracts, estimate sheets, confirmations retained earnings balance sheet or other similar items. “This is one of the most easiest CMM Systems I have used. With unbelievable response times to questions. The Limble staff is very helpful. With this system, our equipment downtime has been cut by 20%.”

Burned-out light bulbs are another one of the common building maintenance problems owners face. And while it is easy to replace a light bulb, other electrical issues require a professional’s touch. When it comes to overloaded circuits and wiring complications, it is best to contact an electrician or building maintenance company. As with most things in life, knowledge is power in the realm of building maintenance management. To learn how to deal with various maintenance issues, you must properly equip yourself with vital information. Below, you will find the most common maintenance problems building owners encounter and how to resolve them.

When you stock your spare parts inventory (with fan belts, HVAC parts, light bulbs, motors, pumps, etc.) that are high-quality, you’re investing in the longevity of your property. Property maintenance is beneficial for both the occupants and the property owner as it works to keep everyone happy.

Why Preventive Maintenance Matters

This document outlines the services that vendor provides, in what capacity, the rate they charge, what the expectations are for the working agreement, and anything else pertinent to delivery of services. It effectively governs the relationship between the vendor and the company, to expedite delivery of support service. Facilities maintenance management encompasses a range of processes required to ensure that the building systems perform as originally designed and constructed. Certifications and proper training of O&M service providers protect the organization, employees, and visitors. Training sources include manufacturers, professional organizations, trade associations, universities and technical schools, commercial education/training courses, and in-house training and on the job training options. Training programs should provide an appropriate mix of these sources to the workforce to ensure materials addressed are up to date and applicable to the organization’s facilities.


Nevertheless, there are five objectives of building maintenance that are mentioned by Alner and Fellows . You can also use different pre-treatments or deicers to melt ice or keep it from forming. Professional building maintenance services, though, have access to industry-grade deicing agents and equipment such as snowplows. Contracting property maintenance services will save you significant time and effort in taking care of every detail, no matter how minor, that comes with managing a commercial facility. If your property is rented by several tenants, having a property maintenance crew in place is a must, and also presents an enormous advantage for prospective tenants. Whether your facility is large or small, property maintenance should be considered an integral part of its overall protection and upkeep.

This is why Limble CMMS comes with a vendor management module that seamlessly integrates vendors into your maintenance system. Facility managers in hospitals and casinos will often have a dedicated vendor they can call in to repair equipment that requires specialized knowledge. If it breaks down, the facility manager will usually outsource the repair to a specialized maintenance vendor that has the necessary tools and knowledge. Industrial maintenance is used when referring to manufacturing and other industrial facilities. Facility maintenance, on the contrary, is used to take care of all other commercial buildings .

The overall maintenance plan, as discussed, is partly developed based on the type of physical plant. Minimizing potential liability, for example, can also be crucial to utilize a specialized contractor to perform testing, repairs, and upgrades. These factors could increase operating expenses and reduce staff and tenant satisfaction. Plumbing services adjusting entries high-usage areas such as kitchens or break rooms, as well as restroom facilities. The fire suppression system typically involves a system of sprinklers that work with a water supply and pumps for high-rise properties. Another common problem is when the circuit breakers are tripping, which suggests excessive energy draw is causing an overload.

Done effectively, facilities will have no trouble serving the needs of the people relying on them. Emergency Maintenance — Unscheduled work that requires immediate action to restore services, to remove problems that could interrupt activities, or to protect life and property.

A facility manager delegates these services to approved vendors through service-level agreements , so that when the time comes for specific action, there’s no question of who, when, how, or what’s involved. Facilities maintenance support services are an integral part of what keeps facilities running smooth.

Nayanthara also mentioned that in the design stage, the builders team should plan for easy maintenance in the future. The builders team should choose the material that is durable in order building maintenance definition to less maintenance work and cost, for example, the type of paint for external wall must be weather shield so that it is long last and no need to repaint the building frequently.

Some building maintenance workers are employed by manufacturing plants while others work for high-rise office or apartment buildings. Regardless of employer, most building maintenance workers have certain basic duties in common. The preventive maintenance schedule serves to guide the facility maintenance team regarding the tasks to perform and the frequency of these actions. If you have ever thought about building maintenance, you deserve to know about the best maintenance services available and what building maintenance includes. Knowing about these benefits can help you make the kind of wise decision you need to support the quality of your business for years to come. We’re talking about a better all-around retail location and the ability to do what you do more effectively. While we tend to think of something like elevator repair as the definition of facility maintenance, you could also argue that changing a lightbulb or changing the break room garbage are also simple forms of maintenance.

The term includes janitorial, maid or housekeeping services, office or building cleaning, window cleaning, floor waxing, chimney cleaning, acoustical tile cleaning, venetian blind cleaning, cleaning or degreasing service stations, or cleaning enclosed telephone booths. Building—A structure which usually has a roof and walls and is intended to be permanently affixed to real property. The term includes equipment which is an integral part of the structure such as centralheating and air conditioning units, electrical substations, fuel tanks, water tanks or chillers. One important choice you’ll need to make will be whether to outsource this task to a commercial property maintenance team or build an in-house team. Computerized maintenance management system offers a real-time insight into all maintenance activities, automates a big chunk of the maintenance workflow, and holds a centralized repository of data on your parts and equipment which can be quickly accessed from anywhere. This not only gives you a deep insight into maintenance metrics and other benchmarks of performance of your maintenance team, but it also enormously speeds up the overall maintenance workflow.

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