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Fair View Accountants’ privacy policy clearly describes how we use and protect your information which is provided to us as you use our website.

Fair View Accountants highly respects the privacy of all those individuals who visit our website and is committed to protecting their personal data. By giving a read to this privacy notice, you will be aware of how we take care of all your important information as you visit our website from any part of the world.

In this notice, we have detailed out how we collect and use your personal data and this act of ours is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We also abide by the Data Protection Act [1988 OR 2018], regulations, secondary legislation, and other national laws, as they are amended or updated with time.

To know more about our practices, please give a read below:

The Purpose of This Privacy Notice

We have written this privacy notice with the aim to provide you complete information on why and how we collect your personal data (including the information you provide when signing up for our newsletter) through our website.

It is important for you to read this privacy notice along with other similar information which is provided to you by Fair View Accountants. We provide the necessary details on specific occasions when we are collecting and processing the data of our users.

Who Are We?

Fair View Accountants is a ‘Chartered Accountants’ and ‘Tax and Business Advisers’ firm which is registered in the United Kingdom. We are termed as the ‘data controller’ for the purpose of this notice and the Data Protection Legislation. This implies that we are solely responsible for holding and using all your personal information which you provide as you use our website.

It is the Data Protection Legislation which obligates us to notify of the information which is contained in this privacy notice. To assist all your enquiries related to this privacy notice, we have appointed a Data Protection Officer. This officer will answer all your questions related to the treatment of your data. If you wish to contact him, you can use the contact information details on our Contact Us page.

The Data We Collect About You

The personal data or personal information of any individual helps in his identification. We may collect your personal data for processing, storage or transfer. We have it grouped together in the following categories:

  • Identity Data – Your full name.
  • Contact Data – Your address, email ID, and contact numbers.
  • Technical Data – Your IP address, browser type and version, location, time zone setting, browser plug-ins, operating system, and other technologies required to access the website.
  • Marketing and Communications Data – Your communication and correspondence with us, details of the services you have received, complaints and enquiries you make with us, and your preferences in receiving marketing from us.
  • Professional Data – Includes the information which we or our franchises may collect in the course of serving you.

Please keep in mind that we do not collect any special categories of your personal data which includes your ethnicity, race, religion or philosophical views, political opinions, sexual orientation, and information about your health, genetics, and biometrical data. Also, we do not like to collect information about your criminal offenses or convictions.

If you fail to provide the data we require from you, we might not be able to initiate the contract which we are trying to enter with you. In such a situation, we might need to cancel a service with you but you will be notified of it on time.

How Do We Collect Your Data?

We make use of various ways to acquire the required data and information from you and these include:

  • Direct Interaction – You give us all your details directly while filling out the form online or through the phone. This majorly includes your personal data which you need to provide while submitting an enquiry or requesting any service.
  • From Third Parties – We may receive information about you from third party companies (for example, your employer) or from our own franchises.
  • Automated Technologies and Interactions – While you are interacting with our website, we might collect your personal information with the help of your browsing actions and patterns. This is mainly your technological information which we get access to through our cookies and other similar technologies.


How We Use Your Personal Data?

Most importantly, we may use your information for the improved performance of the contract which has been initiated between the two parties. These two parties might be us and you OR your employer OR your client who has provided us with all your personal and technological data. While using your data, we comply with all the legal obligations and intend no harm to anyone involved.

We may use your data for the facilitation of the contract we hold with our client. As we use your information, it is important that you are an employee, supplier, subcontractor, or customer of the client involved. Your data can also be used for our own legitimate interests provided that there is no danger to your interests, rights, and freedom. We may process your information for marketing, management, and statistical purposes.

We may also use your personal data for our other concerns but for this, your consent is required. For all such limited circumstances where your consent is required to process the information, you also have the liberty to withdraw your consent at any point in time. Please note that your information can be used for more than one lawful basis and all the possible situations have been listed below:

  • To carry out the obligations after entering into an agreement with you OR your employer OR your client. This is usually done for the provision of our services.
  • To carry out the obligations after entering into an agreement with our clients where you may be the subcontractor, supplier, or a customer of our client.
  • To provide you with all the information related to our services and events which you may enquire from us or for the information which we may think might interest you provided that you have already agreed for it.
  • To seek your opinions or views on the services which we provide
  • To notify you about any of the changes which may occur in our services.

Under certain circumstances, we anonymise your personal data and use it for further purposes. In such a situation, we do so without informing you. If at any point, you refuse to provide us with the information, we may not be able to carry out the contract which we have agreed upon with you. Alternatively, we might also become free from all of our legal and regulatory obligations.

Your data will retain with us only for as long as it is absolutely necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it has been collected in the first place. To decide the retention period of your data, we take into account various factors which are listed below:

  • Our business requirements and the services provided by us.
  • To fulfil our legal obligations.
  • The type of personal data.
  • The magnitude and categories of all your data.
  • The original purpose for which we collected the data still exists or not.


We work to provide you with options regarding the use of your personal data for marketing and advertising purposes. We might use your identity, contact information, and technical and marketing data to decide whether you would like to view something which might interest you or not. This is also one of our strategies to decide which services you might be looking for.

You will only receive marketing communication from us if you have chosen to do so. You are not obliged if you have opted out and can always ask us or the third parties involved to stop sending you the messages related to marketing.


A cookie is a small file which is placed on your computer’s hard drive and once you agree, it helps in analysing the web traffic to a particular site. Through cookies, you can respond to web traffic as an individual. The web application will organize its operations as per your preferences, likes, and dislikes by gaining information about your online behaviour.

Through our traffic log cookies, we analyse which pages are being used. We utilize this information to analyse data related to web traffic and improve our website for the visitors so that they have a better experience next time. The information is only used for statistical purposes and after a while, the data is removed from the systems.

Basically, cookies enable us to improve your experience with our website. They let us monitor which pages you are finding useful and which are not so important. Always remember that a cookie never gives us access to your information or to your machine other than the content you wish to share with us.

You have an option to set your browser to refuse all or some of the browser cookies. It can even alert you when websites set or access cookies. By refusing or disabling the cookies, some parts of the website do not function properly and might even become inaccessible.

Change of Purpose

We will be using your data only for the purpose for which we collected it but if we need to use your personal information for any other reason, it will be used if the reason is compatible with the original purpose. Should it be necessary to make use of the data for any other reason, it is our duty to inform you and communicate all the legal basis. Your consent will be given due importance prior to taking any action.

Disclosing Your Personal Data

We will only share your personal data with the third parties if we are required by the law, if there is some genuine interest in doing so, or if it is necessary to administer the relationship which we have with you.

There are certain cases where we might need to transfer your information to the third-parties where the third-party is the service provider or any other useful entity part of our group. Usually, third-party providers carry out services like IT and cloud services, administration services, advisory services, banking services, and marketing services.

All our third-parties are required to be commercially responsible for your information and adopt the right security measures to ensure its protection. There are only specified purposes for which the third-parties are allowed to process your information while remaining in accordance with our instructions.

There are some other entities involved too with whom we may share your personal data but this is always done for the betterment of the business. Also, we may share the information with the regulator or authority as well if it needs to be done for the compliance of the law.

International Transfers

Some of our third party service providers are based outside the European Economic Area (EEA) but we transfer your information to them with your consent only. Whenever any data is transferred out of EEA, a similar level of protection is ensured and safeguards are implemented to avoid any kind of breach.

  • We only transfer the data to such countries who maintain an adequate level of protection for the data and are deemed secure by all kinds of security standards.
  • As we use external service providers, we work with only those who have specified contracts approved by the European Commission and will abide by the same kind of data protection standards as in Europe.
  • We only provide data to those US-based entities who are a part of the Privacy Shield observed by the EU-US for sharing and transferring of information.

Data Security

Appropriate security measures are being used by us to safeguard your personal data and to prevent it from being lost, used, or accessed accidentally in an unauthorised way. In addition to this, we also have a policy of limiting access to your personal data of those employees, contractors, agents, or other third parties who do not need to know. They are only allowed to process the information under our instructions and are obliged to maintain confidentiality. We do have processes to deal with suspected breaches and you will be notified in such a scenario.

Data Retention

Your data will remain with us for only as long as it fulfils our purposes for which we collected it in the first place. These intentions might be of accounting, reporting, or legal nature.

Your Legal Rights

Under specific circumstances, you will have rights as per the data protection laws over your personal data and its uses. It is your duty to inform us of all the changes because we need to have your current and accurate information. We can be notified by being contacted directly.

The law also grants you certain rights in special situations:


You can request access to all your personal data that we hold so that you know what we know and how we are processing it lawfully.


If there is some error or change in information, you can ask us to update your data.


We can also delete your entire data on your special request. This is your right to get all the information erased when it is no longer of any use to us. At any point in time, you can ask to stop the processing of the data if your current situation demands it because of any reason.


You may ask us to stop the processing of your personal data and restrict its use and transfer to the third parties.


We may transfer your data to other third parties or controller if you wish to send your personal information across to another platform but this is done with your consent only.

Withdraw Consent

In limited circumstances, when you have already provided consent to use and process your personal data for the interests of the company, which are in accordance with the European laws, you have the right to withdraw whenever you would like to do so. However, this will not affect the legality of any information processing which took place prior to your withdrawal. Also, we might be unable to provide you with certain services and products if you wish to discontinue your approval of using your data.