Running your own payroll can be complicated enough and consume a lot of time, especially with the complexities involved in employment legislation and taxation. The businesses have been over-burdened to comply with the conditions and in case of any kind of non-compliance, they have to face heavy penalties.

Payroll is not just about generating the relevant salary to each of the employees. Rather, it consists of all the details about the possible bonuses and deductions from the salaries and their calculation every month. Also, compliance with HMRC is essential because of the dire consequences in case of a missed deadline.

Fair View Accountants has highly qualified personnel who can prepare payroll for businesses with as many as 300 staff members. Providing comprehensive and confidential payroll services, we keep in mind your ease and give you complete results while letting you handle strategic issues.

We are happy to discuss all the details including the implications of hiring someone. We will guide you through all the processes, costs, calculations, and deadlines and would even assist in taking care of plenty of tasks. Throughout the year, our team would be responsible to cater all the payroll related issues and deal with the relevant forms and submissions. After all the calculations and operating the matters as per the rules, we present you the password protected electronic payslips or confidentially sealed printed payslips which are supposed toready to be handed over to your staff.

By engaging Fair View Accountants to administer your payroll, you will be able to save a lot of time and concentrate on more pressing issues. Call us now to get more details!

Our Services

Fair View Accountants interprets and processes all the information so that relevant payrolls can be assessed and then generated. While doing so we also look into the possible deductions which may be contractual or voluntary and transmit the net pay accordingly. We are also responsible for turning over the year-end returns to the government departments and calculating the taxes which are supposed to be paid by you.

Real Time Information (RTI)

With the introduction of RTI by HMRC, meeting all the obligations has actually become quite difficult for an employer. According to this rule, the employers are required to share all the information with HMRC before the payments are made to the employees. A Fair View Accountants staff member can easily do it for you through an RTI-compliant payroll software and save you from all the unnecessary hassle.